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Woke Up North Photo Contest - North Shore lodging deals

Posted by Kjersti Vick on 9/25/17 12:26 PM
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When was the last time you #wokeupnorth? Waking up in Cook County, is the best way to enter a upnorth state-of-mind. How do you know you've #wokeupnorth?  You'll experience symtoms such as a heightened awareness of nature, a finer appreciation of the beauty around you and a restorative feeling that lingers after you leave.  

This summer we asked our loyal fans on social media to submit their best moments from waking up north. Over 200 photos were entered into the 2017 #WokeUpNorth photo contest, the Top 9 images were selected through a number of methods including number of votes received, relevance to the contest theme, and overall feeling of what an “up north” morning is like. Congratulations to the winners who will be featured in the upcoming Visit Cook County 2018 Visitor Guide publication! Thank you to everyone who participated  - of the over 200 entries that were submitted, every one of them embodied the joyful spirit of Cook County, Minnesota. 

We loved this contest so much, we'll be keeping track of the #wokeupnorth campaign all year. So when you find yourself in a woke up north moment, tag us and share your images. We love seeing how Cook County stays with you all year long.  

 Top 9 Woke Up North Submissions that will be included in the 2018 Visitor Guide:

joolerman 599ba2439f576-13745005_308179139516506_803242050_n.jpg

Catch the sunrise

Photo by: Felix Ledesma on Instagram

baconfatte 59a5b116b26e6-21147391_123602161618352_8169989173881602048_n.jpg

Feel the superior wind 

Photo by: Michele Phillps on Instagram

1 top vote receiver - 5998348675449-IMG_1896.jpg

Savor docktime

Photo by: Lisa Nicholson

zekerman 597c8c4742447-20347713_1794430180596968_457107403603705856_n.jpg

Enjoy coffee on the deck

Photo by: Rebecca Korshus on Instagram 59a30e1c3674f-IMG_5616.jpg

Paradise found

Photo by: Jessie_McNally

suitcaseheart 59891c170d40e-10948963_1543326552585424_259836129_n.jpg

Stay cozy in winter

Photo by: @suitcaseheart on Instagram 597b6f27f3357-IMG_0919.jpg

Feel the warmth 

Photo by: K. Gibbs

aliceseuffert 59a5b115036b4-21224342_114036565949559_8147711938726461440_n.jpg

Make new memories

Photo by: Alice Seuffert on Instagram

emptysalinger - 59ad4f0abf9cd-21373616_272654833226600_7010021375993708544_n.jpg

Mornings are better in Cook County

Photo by: Mitch Tavernier on Instagram 


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