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Water Adventures You Absolutely Need to Try in Cook County This Summer

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 7/3/17 8:00 AM

Summer is finally here and we’re so excited to get out on the water. With the heat rising, it’s important to find ways to stay cool while you’re out having fun. And you’re in luck: Cook County actually boasts more water than it does land, making it the perfect place to cool off from the summer heat. Add some of these water adventures to your summer bucket list:

Canoeing and Kayaking

Layne Kennedy-1880

BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area)


National Geographic named the BWCA in their list of the Top 50 Places of a Lifetime. The Boundary Waters form a chain of over 1,200 miles of lakes and rivers for you to explore.

Gear up for your canoe trip with canoes and other supplies from these local outfitters or bring your own!

Lake Superior – there’s no better way to explore the dramatic coast of Lake Superior than the seat of a kayak.

Inland Streams – paddling along inland streams is a peaceful but exhilarating way to spend a sunny afternoon – just don’t forget a fishing pole.

Boating and Sailing

Summer-Grand Marais-MN-Outdoor-North Shore Yortis and harbor-Unknown-CCVB

There’s nothing quite like being out on the open water. If you’d rather let the boat do the work, that’s fine! But if you’re feeling adventurous, try sailing. Feeling the wind whip past as you maneuver the ropes and sails is a unique thrill.


Fishing - Summer Fall - by Dawn Walrath - UL comp (1)

Find your perfect spot on the lake, grab the fishing poles and kick back for a few hours. If you’re a skilled angler, you’ll reel in trout, walleye, perch and salmon.

Rock Climbing and Cliff Jumping

Rock Climbing - Spirit Guiding Wilderness - Littlefield_0047

For real dare-devils, Cook County has some spectacular climbing and cliff jumping opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.

Standup Paddle Boarding

2017 - Murray goes SUPing and Canoeing - 7.14 -GoPro(23)

Don’t have the gear? No problem! There are several outdoor gear outfitters who are stocked with everything you’ll need to get out and up on the water. They’ll help you with rentals, directions, and wetsuits, which you’ll need because even at the height of summer, Lake Superior can be chilly!

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