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A Spring Break Destination for Those Who Think Differently.

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 2/23/18 3:52 PM

Spring break. Every student’s rallying cry – and every teacher’s earned respite. Sometime between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, spring break daydreams begin. You’re probably thinking about the perfect spring break destination. When you picture it, what do you see?

Typical spring break destinations are warm and tropical. That’s largely because spring break as we know it today began in the 1930s when colleges and universities scheduled a midterm break and students flocked to warm destinations like Florida. It was a chance to escape cold, wintry blues and gather with friends to soak up the sunshine on a beach. Umbrella-garnished drinks optional.

Today, the spirit of spring break is alive and well – and it’s not just college students anymore. Anyone can enjoy a spring break vacation. Therein lies the rub. Who wants to spend a week on a crowded beach? Who wants to follow the crowd? Who is satisfied with the status quo? It’s time to think differently about your spring break.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for sunny, beachy vacations -  but we know that a place can be the perfect spring break destination, even if it isn’t pushing 100°F. All you need is a beach, sunshine, friends & family and a natural setting that gets you excited to explore.

We’ve got all that right here in Cook County, Minnesota – just at cooler temperatures. The trick to staying warm? Layering your clothing like a pro.

Stay Warm - Download the Infographic

Sunshine and Beaches

Who says the beach can only be enjoyed when it’s warm and sunny? Spring is sunny in Cook County, but we’re far enough north that temperatures stay pretty low despite the beautiful sunshine. Our beaches may not be swimmable (though we have plenty of pools and hot tubs for you to enjoy!) during your spring break adventure, but the northern shores of Lake Superior are simply stunning all year round. In February and March, our beaches are covered in ice and snow – but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your spring break to the fullest.

Instead of lounging and letting the sun keep you warm, we’ve got something else in mind to get your blood pumping. Think fat tire biking along the shoreline or even out on the lake. Or, you could strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore places you’d never get to see during summer. Don’t forget ice fishing, skijoring, snowmobiling and plain old hiking along our dramatic, icy coast.

And when you’re ready for a break, we hope you remembered to pack your swimsuit to enjoy some poolside relaxation. Or, embrace your inner Scandinavian and take a sauna. There’s no better way to warm the body after a full day out in the elements.

The opportunities are endless. We promise that boredom won’t be a bother up here. Your time in Cook County is what you make it. We recommend seizing every moment.

Friends and Family

The main goal of any spring break adventure is experiencing a new place with your friends and/or family. If that’s what you’re looking for from your spring break, look no further than Cook County.

With so many traveling south for spring break, we recommend making the trek north. Why? Because our home can become your playground. You and your crew will practically have free reign. The trails will be yours and access to rental equipment is a breeze. Ski all day at Lutsen without spending much time waiting in line for the chairlift. No reservation for dinner? No problem. We’ll be able to squeeze you in.

Don’t waste time competing with everyone else on your spring break. Instead, embrace your Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is the Danish ritual of coziness and contentedness. Adventure all day but relax with your family and friends at the end of the day with a warm sauna or hot tub, a warm beverage by the fire and an excellent meal.

During the month of February, check out the annual Cook County Fireplace Tour and enjoy some of our most spectacular fireplaces.

Nature and Nightlife

Palm trees are fun to look at, but we prefer the fresh scent of pine any day. Is there anything more beautiful than the silence of a snow-covered forest? Or how about a night sky that comes alive with the northern lights?

Spring is a quiet time in Cook County. Many birds have not yet returned from their southern migration, and small mammals continue to hibernate until temperatures rise just a bit more. If you’re lucky, you could catch a glimpse of the elusive moose, deer, rabbits and so much more. There’s something magical about the soft sounds of spring in Cook County. It’s just the breath in your lungs, your boots or skis on the trail and the wind whistling through the trees - that is until you come across a rushing spring waterfall on your hike.

We know an important aspect of every spring break trip is the fun factor. Whether you’re looking for live music and nightlife or festivals and events the whole family can enjoy, our events calendar is jam-packed with a little something for everyone.

Go “Off the Beaten Path” This Spring Break

Cook County is the ultimate spring break destination for anyone looking to do things a little differently. If you’re ready to ditch the status quo and embrace adventure (instead of expensive airfare and crowded resorts), plan a trip to Cook County for your spring break. You’ll leave refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the rest of spring.

We want you to enjoy every moment of your Cook County spring break. Knowing how to dress for success is essential up here. We’ve learned a few tricks over the years and created this infographic to share some key tips on staying warm even during spring’s variable temperatures.

Stay Warm - Download the Infographic

P.S. If you’re wondering just how to pack for a spring break adventure in Cook County, we recommend checking out our essential packing checklist.

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