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Road North Toolkit

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 10/8/21 4:03 PM

Planning your road trip north? We've created and curated this toolkit that will help prepare you for any trip to Cook County. 

Travel North Quiz
Get inspired and informed with this educational quiz all about Cook County's water, wildlife, local lore, geography/environment and more. 

Take the Quiz


We know you can’t wait to get up here and we wanted to provide you with a sneak peek. Check out our list of webcams and get a preview of your upcoming trip. See webcams.


Video Playlists
No matter what season you're planning on visiting, we have inspirational videos that will get you excited for your future trip to Cook County.


Road North Coloring Book
Get inspired for your road trip north with this downloadable and printable coloring book that's fun for the whole family!