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Historic Lake Superior Storms of Cook County MN

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 11/5/19 1:23 PM

Downtown Grand Marais has been hit by major early winter lake storms going back to the turn of the 20th century. In the spirit of the Storm Season🌊, we asked local historian and seasonal Information Center guru, Dan Helmerson, to share some of his favorite stormy season photos and stories he could find from the Cook County Historical Society. We hope you'll enjoy this photographic journey through history. 


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Exploring the art in Grand Marais by E-bike

Posted by Guest: Wander The Map on 9/2/19 11:55 AM

One of our favorite aspects of Grand Marais, Minnesota, is the strong artist vibe everywhere you look. Even though the town is home to only around 1,300 inhabitants, it is filled with endless creativity. Grand Marais is home to a variety of public art, galleries, adorable shops, artist studios, art festivals, creative restaurants, breweries, and a wide range of classes in everything from making cheese, to knitting, to building a boat. Every time we visit, we have to explore some of the local art scene, and this time around was no exception. We rented electric bikes from Fireweed Bike Cooperative and zoomed around town to a wide variety of artsy sites–the art in Grand Marais is fantastic to say the least!

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Summer Adventures at Lutsen Mountains

Posted by Guest: Wander The Map on 8/12/19 12:31 PM

Summer Adventures at Lutsen Mountains by Wander The Map

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Portaging & Paddling: Canoeing to Ham Lake on the Gunflint Trail by Wander The Map

Posted by Guest: Wander The Map on 8/6/19 1:13 PM

Guest submission - Portaging & Paddling: Canoeing to Ham Lake on the Gunflint Trail by Wander The Map

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Paddle and Play on the Gunflint Trail

Posted by Lily Nelson-Pedersen on 5/20/19 5:16 PM

Canoeing is a sport that can be intimidating. There are rules about boats, PFD’s, and a lot of flak from experts on how to hold your paddle correctly. But once you know what you’re doing, padding through the BWCAW can be one of the most memorable and influential experiences of your life. To get you started, or “Wet Your Paddle”, Gunflint Trail Outfitters have banded together to offer newbies a chance to try an hour of paddling for free. AND they’ll even give you one of those experts I talked about earlier to teach you how to do it! This program, called Wet Your Paddle, is an incredible deal and a great way to spend a few hours on your annual family vacation learning something new, together! To prepare you for your first Wet Your Paddle adventure, here is some more information on canoeing, the BWCAW, and how to strut your stuff in the backcountry.

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Foodie Fridays

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 5/17/19 7:00 AM

Not only is Cook County MN drop dead beautiful, but it happens to be home to many delicious drive-worthy food destinations. On Fridays for the month of May, we are featuring a unique foodie pairing experience only found in Cook County.  Please tune in weekly to see the latest #FoodieFridays pairing.

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Big Lake Effect - by Carah Thomas-Maskell

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 5/11/19 10:15 AM

Big Lake Effect     

by: Carah Thomas-Maskell

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A Few Of Our Favorite Spring Things

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 4/9/19 3:00 PM

In honor of this wonderful season, we’ve compiled a list of 19 awesome springtime adventures you won’t want to miss.

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Waterfall Wednesday - Waterfall season weekly updates (2019)

Posted by Kjersti Vick on 4/3/19 1:57 PM


In 2018, we started 
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Plan a Dog-Friendly Vacation in Cook County, MN

Posted by Visit Cook County MN on 3/4/19 9:00 AM

Spring is in the air, and it is time to plan a getaway. Whether you’re looking to escape the confines of your everyday life for a few days or even a week, planning can come with a tinge of sadness when it means leaving your four-legged family members behind. Finding a dog sitter or taking family and friends up on offers to keep your dog company while you’re away is all well and good, but up in Cook County, Minnesota, we say bring your fur-babies, too… the more, the merrier!

With so many dog-friendly activities and a wealth of lodging options that welcome canine family members and pet-loving locals everywhere you turn, Cook County is a fun destination on two legs and four.

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