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Even Pokemon goes on vacation.

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 7/14/16 9:22 PM

Even Pokemon goes on vacation.

PokemonGo Clefairy in Grand MaraisAt first when I saw someone running around Grand Marais looking at their phone, I assumed they were just trying to find a WiFi connection, make a call, or escape a cloud of mosquitos. Upon further inspection, I discovered that in fact, I happened to be standing amidst a gathering of pokemon awaiting capture. Turns out even PokemonGo knows how to vacation right!

Over 3,340 square miles of mostly unoccupied public land, hiking trails galore, and more blueberries than you can shake a stick at – it is an attainable paradise for both real and virtual creatures. Those who have spent time here in Cook County will be able to tell that clearly Pokemon hooked up with the local forest nymphs who guided them to some the best PokeSpots in town (try out the PokeGym at the Grand Marais Library - right across from our office!) From Schroeder to Grand Marais and even up near the end of the Gunflint Trail, Pokemon have been discovered. We hope you'll get out to explore, walk a few miles to activate a few eggs and share a screenshot of some of your best captures with us on social media using #PokemonUpNorth


A couple of reminders for those seeking to score a few pokemon while up north. #PokemonUpNorth

  1. Stay on the trail. It is rumored that there are Pokemons lurking in some of the state parks on the north shore. It is important to stay on the designated trails no matter how powerful the CP of the Clefairy. The real flora and fauna beneath the virtual creature is sensitive and can take several hundred years to recover if destroyed.
  2. Watch your step. The raw and rugged terrain is part of the beauty of the landscape, however it is easy to lose your footing while you are paying attention. So eyes on the road!
  3. Speaking of roads, do not Pokemon Go and drive! I know it is tempting to watch for the on-the-go Pokemon but you never know when a real life “Bambi” will jump out in front of your car.
  4. Most importantly, remember why you are here. You’re here to have a good time, get away from it all, hopefully see a moose and be immersed in nature. And if you happen to capture the elusive Dratini while sipping a maple latte on the harbor, what a bonus?!

Happy hunting!

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