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Be Inspired by Nature This Fall in Cook County

Posted by Kjersti Vick on 8/20/18 9:00 AM
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Being out in nature is an incredible thing. It’s one of the primary reasons so many fine folks choose to make the journey north every fall. Cook County is the perfect place to be inspired by nature. Stepping out of the towns and into natural areas engages every one of our senses. The views take our breath away. The smells bring us back to our childhood. The sounds of animals, birds and the wind through the trees have a calming effect, washing away the stressors of everyday life. You’ll feel invigorated after spending time in the elements and tasting that first fall brew or exquisite local wine is the icing on the cake.

Simply being out in the wilderness forges connections between the land, our minds and our bodies. It’s no wonder so many of us turn to nature for inspiration.

Inspiration to Push Yourself Further

Day in and day out at the gym gets old fast. Even taking the same route on your morning run can grow tired. If you’re bored with your workout, one of the best things you can do is change up your location. Fall is the perfect time to explore the trails in Cook County. The temperatures are absolutely ideal for training – cool, but not too cold.

If you’re looking to improve your times, try running or biking on our trails. They’ll challenge you to use different muscles while urging you to push harder to get to the next spectacular view. Trust us, there’s nothing better than a morning jog along the shores of Lake Superior. Except possibly a long, evening backroads bike ride along the Gunflint Trail. Or a hike through the Sawtooth Mountains near Lutsen. Or mountain biking near Grand Portage. It’s so hard to choose. Better try them all!

Inspiration to Try New Flavors

After a day out in the elements, you’ll be inspired to satisfy the rumbling in your stomach. Luckily, fall is an excellent time to expand your palate. Sample the fall menus at fantastic restaurants throughout Cook County or try a flight of fall-influenced beers at local breweries. Don’t pass up a chance to taste our local wines and ciders.

If you enjoyed a bit of fall camping, one of the best things to do upon returning to civilization is ordering a large, hand-crafted pizza from a local restaurant. Or, take matters into your own hands: dredge your freshly-caught fish filets in a seasoned flour batter and serve with hand-cut baked or fried potato wedges for a north shore take on fish and chips. No matter where or how you are inspired to satiate your appetites, come ready to wrap yourself in a cozy flannel shirt, a nice knit cap or your favorite scarf and savor all the flavors of fall.

Inspiration to Create Something Beautiful

Ever since there have been humans on the planet, we’ve been inspired by nature to create art in many shapes and forms. It’s a form of self-expression, a way to translate the experiences we’ve had in nature into tangible, sharable creations. Art helps us connect to ourselves, each other and to nature itself.

Cook County is one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet – especially during fall. There is simply no comparison to the changes our environment goes through each year as the temperature drops. Foliage transforms from a sea of greens into a vibrant, colorful masterpiece you have to see to believe. Lake Superior becomes a tumultuous force to be reckoned with as the gales of November sweep through the region. Animals are on the move as they seek shelter from the coming winter.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find inspiration. That’s why so many artists find themselves up here during fall. So, whether you are a painter or a sculptor, a woodworker or a sketch artist, a poet, novelist, blogger, photographer or anywhere in-between, you’ll be inspired by nature this fall in Cook County.

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