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Talking Tourism with Linda Jurek: Fisherman's Picnic

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 7/25/16 7:01 PM

Changes on the horizon

Change is constant and often times not easy.  I think of the transformation we see in our county from season to season; not only with our weather.  More traffic and people. Reduced traffic and people.  The new faces of visitors and old friends “home” for the summer.   And, long in our plans, the facelift to our office and information center.  The artistry of the steel pergola certainly adds to the excitement of the exterior wall finishes coming next week.  Completion of gardens and signage will complete this project and we are expecting everything to be completed by the end of summer. And another final change for today and heads up.  I am officially assuming my maiden name.  You will now be hearing from Linda Jurek at Visit Cook County; a new change for some and not so new for many.        

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Even Pokemon goes on vacation.

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 7/14/16 9:22 PM

Even Pokemon goes on vacation.

At first when I saw someone running around Grand Marais looking at their phone, I assumed they were just trying to find a WiFi connection, make a call, or escape a cloud of mosquitos. Upon further inspection, I discovered that in fact, I happened to be standing amidst a gathering of pokemon awaiting capture. Turns out even PokemonGo knows how to vacation right!

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Talking Tourism with Linda Jurek: Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime…..

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 6/30/16 8:18 PM

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime…..

It’s here and action packed. Since it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, I thought I’d write a quick little catch-up blog.

Pounding Nails

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What You Need To Know About The Summer Solstice & Why We Should Celebrate It!

Posted by Leif Birnbaum on 6/14/16 7:59 PM

The solstice is nearly upon us, let us help you to find what you need to know about the summer solstice and why we should celebrate it!

In 2017 the official date of the summer solstice is June 21st.

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